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Escape the laboratory by configuring the periodic system

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Escape game: overzicht

Escape room puzzle

This interactive was designed as an integral part of a new escape room in the Netherlands. In the context of a ‘high-tech laboratory’ players have to configure the elements of the periodic table as one of the puzzles in their struggle to make an escape out of the room. So as not to spoil anything for future players of the actual escape room, the interactive featured here has been altered slightly.


The company wanted a periodic table puzzle that a user could finish without any actual knowledge about the table. It needed to be a challenge, not too hard, but definitely not too easy.
I really enjoyed playing around with a game mechanic that could do that. Although the actual final product in the escape room is a little different, I feel this one really serves that purpose.
Knowledge of the table will certainly speed your progress, but this puzzle can be solved without ever having seen the table at all. Any element, when placed in the direct surroundings of an other element, will show if their relative positions are correct by becoming more green. As this says nothing about its absolute position, the user is forced to play around and discover ways to find that out.

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Escape game
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