Classical cartography

Bringing world maps to life on an interactive globe.

Design of the content for an interactive installation for Globe4D, showing important cartographic work from the 16th to 19th century.

The Globe4D presents interactive visualizations on a physical sphere, that can be turned and viewed from all angles. Around the globe a ring is fitted that can also be turned as a means to move through time. For this project I designed and animated 13 classical cartographic works and the interface on the ring so the whole visualization fits exactly on the existing Globe4D.

The beautiful maps themselves are the centerpiece of the interactive. They were reshaped to fit the presentation on a globe and accompanied with a simple interface showing the user’s progress through the timeline. There’s a lot to discover on each map, the supplemental lines of text provide users with background information about each map and their makers, but also ties the maps together to show the changes cartography went through over those centuries.

Project name
Classical cartography
Animation, interactive
Research / Concepting / Illustration / Animation